Buying Property with a Real Estate Agent

Buying Property with a Real Estate Agent

Buying a house is a big decision, but it can be even more complicated if you’re looking for something bigger like buying land. If you’re looking for property for sale, you’re probably considering more than just the house. At Ethel Curbow, we know that buying property is an investment and you need the guidance of a qualified real estate agent.

Buying a Home vs. Investing in Property

The difference between buying a house and investing in property might not seem obvious if you’re less experienced but can be pretty significant. While those looking into buying a home likely plan to live in it themselves, some people will be seeking for property to build on or rent out to tenants.

Why Invest in a Property?

Investing in a property is a great way to set up long-term financial and lifestyle stability. If you’re buying a plot of land on which to build your own house, then you have the opportunity to live in your tailor-made dream home in an ideal location. Or, if you’re buying an existing property to rent, then you have a steady stream of additional income.

What to Consider

Any good real estate agent will advise you to really think hard about the potential ups and downs that come with buying land or property. You should plan ahead – think about why you’re investing in a property and if it suits your current needs. If the property needs work before it can be rented out to new tenants, for example, make sure you have the time and money to get the work done.

Full inspections of land and property are vital and another thing you’ll have to factor into the cost and time the process will take. If you’re building your home on a new property, you’ll need to make sure the land is safe, liveable and worth your time.

Financial Implications

Budgeting for buying property can be tricky, since there may be additional factors to consider if you plan on building on land or renting out to tenants. With an experienced and qualified real estate agent, sensible and detailed budget management can be made a lot easier.

Let Your Real Estate Agent Do the Work

With so much to think about, you shouldn’t embark on buying property without the help of a real estate agent. Ethel Curbow has over 30 years experience in real estate in Springfield, MO – from buying and selling to investing in property and giving sound advice. If you’re looking to invest in your future by investing in property, contact your new real estate agent today.

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