Selling Property - Real Estate Agent

Selling Property - Real Estate Agent

If you’re selling property, having a good real estate agent at your side is essential. Selling your property as an owner, without professional guidance, can go wrong in far too many ways to risk. Ethel Curbow can offer the professional, experienced and qualified guidance and help that you need to get the best deal on your property.

Why You Need a Real Estate Agent

When it comes to selling property, a real estate agent can help you with some of the more challenging, complicated steps of what can be a lengthy process.


Getting the best price for your property requires a lot of skilled negotiating – a gift that not all of us have. If you don’t go into negotiations with absolute confidence and a knowledge of the market, as well as the real value of the property, you stand to lose out in a big way.

A real estate agent with over 30 years experience knows exactly how to negotiate the best price for the property for sale.

Advertising Your Property

If you decide to sell your property yourself, have you thought about how you’re going to sell it? Beyond a simple sign, there are many factors that go into appealing to potential buyers. We don’t just mean the price, either – the property, both inside and out, needs to have the right look and feel for buyers.

A real estate agent knows all about curb appeal and how to make your property an inviting prospect for those looking to buy.

Knowing the Buyers

We’ve already let you know that Ethel Curbow has over 30 years experience as a real estate agent in Springfield, MO – but we haven’t mentioned one of the major benefits of this experience: contacts.

With a lengthy history in the area, realtors are more likely to know who’s who, what they like, and what they’re willing to pay for a property. This can speed up the process of selling your property and insure you get the best price.


As you might expect, selling a property comes with mountains of paperwork. An experienced agent knows exactly what needs to be filled, filed and financed, along with important tax and legal information that an inexperienced seller might miss.

Selling Property with Ethel Curbow

If you’re selling your property, you need the help of a real estate agent with over 30 years experience in Springfield, MO. Ethel Curbow has been selling real estate in Springfield, Missouri and the surrounding area since 1981 and her philosophy of finding buyers and families their perfect home runs through all of Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realtors. Contact Ethel Curbow today.

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